Dr Oz: Toni Braxton Life-Changing Diagnosis & Braxton Health Remedies


Recapo Update: This episode of Dr. Oz has aired. Click the links below to find out what Toni Braxton’s big announcement is and to find out how your coffee drink correlates to your personality:

Dr Oz March 25 2013 Preview

Dr. Oz Monday, March 25 2013 is an all-new episode. Singer Toni Braxton will be sitting down with Dr Oz to talk about a health crisis that she’s been secretly dealing with for years.


Braxton’s family will also be on the show to share what they do to stay healthy. Plus, Tori has a big announcement to share with Dr. Oz.

Dr Oz: Toni Braxton Life-Changing Diagnosis & Braxton Health Remedies

Dr Oz March 25 2013 will feature information about Toni Braxton’s life-changing medical diagnosis and health tips from the whole Braxton family. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Oz: Toni Braxton’s Health Problems

On March 25 2013, Dr Oz will have a visit from Toni Braxton. Are you a fan of the music legend? The Grammy-winning singer is known for hits like “Un-Break My Heart,” and now she’s breaking her silence about her health.


Braxton said that she received a shocking diagnosis and didn’t want anyone to know about it. Braxton was even told that she might need a heart transplant. What do you think Braxton’s diagnosis was? Tune in on March 25 2013 to find out the secret she’s been keeping!

Dr. Oz will also talk to Braxton about what she’s afraid of. Braxton is opening up for the first time about the scary reality of her health situation. Dr. Oz said he is determined to save a lot of lives on his show with the help of Toni Braxton!

Dr Oz: Braxton Family Health Tips

Toni isn’t the only Braxton on Dr. Oz March 25 2013. The whole family will be stopping by to share how they stay healthy together. Do you think Toni’s diagnosis helped the whole family get healthier? They’ll have tips and tricks that you can use to start putting your health first.

Plus, Toni has a huge announcement that she’s revealing on Dr. Oz’s show. What do you think it will be? A new album? A world tour? A change in her health? You’ll have to watch Dr. Oz to find out!



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