Dr Oz: Theresa Talking To The Dead & Andy Weil Supermarket Guide


Dr Oz September 29 2014

Dr Oz is all new on Monday, September 29, with the return of Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo. Plus, Oz’s good friend Dr Andrew Weil is back with some important tips for your next visit to the supermarket. Here’s a look at what’s ahead on the next episode.

Dr Oz: Talking To The Dead

Dr Oz: Theresa Talking To The Dead & Andy Weil Supermarket Guide

Can talking to the dead actually be good for your health? On the next hour of Dr Oz, Theresa Caputo is making believers out of skeptics. Tune in Sept. 29. (Ashley Whitworth / Shutterstock.com)


Theresa Caputo, star of the TLC reality series Long Island Medium, is visiting Dr Oz on Monday to explain How Talking To The Dead Can Keep You Healthy. This time, she is on a mission to make believers out of her critics.

Have you seen Theresa in action? What do you think of her abilities? Are you a skeptic? Do you think that she can win over some reluctant audience members? Also, she will talk about how you can use the information delivered to you from the other side to change your own life in a positive way.

Dr Oz: Pelvic Exams for Cancer

Do you need to get an annual pelvic exam? Dr Oz is weighing in about the debate surrounding how often women should schedule these appointments. Find out what you need to know to be alert for cancer on Monday’s show.


Dr Oz: Andy Weil Supermarket Guide

Dr Andy Weil, a natural health expert, is back with Dr Oz to talk about some of his recommendations for your shopping list. When you visit the supermarket, what canned foods and frozen foods are best to stock up on? That information is available on the brand new September 29 show.

Dr Oz: Chapped Lips & Kitchen Help

Later in the hour, Doctor Oz will explain some of the reasons your lips could be chapped. Then he will solve three major kitchen crises in just 10 seconds each. Get these tips to work for you on Monday’s show. Don’t miss it!


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