Dr Oz: Swimsuit Season & Metabolism Boosters


Dr Oz: Bikini & Swimsuit Season

Are you all ready for Bikini & Swimsuit Season? Ready or not, here it comes. If you’re still anxious about the summer ritual of baring your body at the beach or by the pool, that’s OK. You’re not alone. In fact, Dr Oz has an entire audience of women who share your concerns.

Dr Oz: Swimsuit Season

Dr Oz will tackle Swimsuit Season with an eager audience, sharing how you can feel your best in your summer attire.


But they’re bravely baring all, because on his Monday May 14 2012 show, Dr Oz’s entire studio audience is wearing their swimsuits for this special episode. Get ready to hit the beach with the best advice for getting back your confidence and feeling comfortable about your body when you get ready to lay out or take a dip.

Do you want to look and feel better about your body in your favorite swimsuit? Then this episode is not to be missed. Set your DVR now, or get ready to check Recapo after the show for a summary of advice and solutions about common swimsuit fears and bathing suit blunders.

Dr Oz: Metabolism Boosters

Doctor Oz is sharing metabolism boosters that can help you lose weight, while fighting cellulite. All this adds up to a more beach ready body that you can feel confident about when you shed your wrap and take the summer plunge in your bathing suit.


Learn about the drink Dr Oz wants you to try before every meal, and how it works to help your body shed pounds. Plus, did you know there are styles and brands out there that can help you create a slender look, no matter what your body type?

Get all these beach body tips, tricks and solutions on the next all new episode of The Doctor Oz Show, airing Monday May 14 2012. Don’t make your summer Bikini & Swimsuit Season wardrobe plans until you see Dr Oz’s advice on this topic.

It’s the special swimsuit edition of Dr Oz, and you’ll want to tell your girlfriends about all the tips you can learn. Be your most confident self, and learn how small steps can add up to better health, thanks to Dr Oz’s advice and solutions.


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