Dr Oz Swimsuit Cleanse to Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days & Gabrielle Reece


Recapo Update: This episode of Dr. Oz has aired. Click the links below to find out how to lose five pounds in one week with Dr. Oz’s Swimsuit Cleanse:

Dr Oz May 3 2013 Preview

Dr. Oz knows you want to lose some weight before summer hits and the beach starts calling your name. He has already gone over some belly blasting foods that will have weight falling off your body and now he has a new cleanse that will leave you bloat free and five pounds lighter in just five days. On his May 3 2013 episode, “Dr. Oz’s Swimsuit Cleanse,” he is revealing how you can lose five pounds in just five days.


Dr Oz Swimsuit Cleanse to Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days & Gabrielle Reece

Dr Oz May 3 2013 is going over his new swimsuit cleanse that will have you five pounds lighter in five days and Gabrielle Reece reveals her exercise secrets.

Dr Oz Swimsuit Cleanse Review

Dr. Oz has a new cleanse you are going to want start tonight. His new Swimsuit Cleanse will have you five pounds lighter in just as many days. Dr. Oz is going over the guidelines for his new rapid weight loss cleanse and explaining how this cleanse will have your fat on fire.

While Dr. Oz usually side steps any diet that has rapid weight loss results, he is saying this new cleanse is not only good for weight loss, but also for improving health.


Professional Volleyball Player Gabrielle Reece

Dr. Oz is also sitting down with Gabrielle Reece, a professional volleyball player who knows a thing or two about being in a bikini all the time. She is stopping by to share her own workout and diet plan that keeps her looking stunning on the beach.

Reece is also going to be opening up about her family and how she and her husband beat the rough patches in their relationship by resorting to traditional gender roles. She and Dr. Oz will be discussing the criticism about their relationship and why she believes she has the secret to a happy, healthy marriage.

Make sure to tune in to Dr. Oz May 3 2013 to find out how you can lose five pounds in just five days. If you miss any of the information from the show, stop by Recapo tomorrow afternoon for a complete recap of the show, along with the guidelines you need to follow to lose weight quick.


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