Dr Oz: Squasher Intervention With Dr. Drew & What Is A Squasher?


Dr Oz November 22 2013 Preview

Each day, Dr. Oz provides us with important information regarding our health and wellness. From diet and weight loss tips to preventing heart disease, cancer, and other health problems, we can always count on his advice for steering us in the right direction.

Dr Oz: Squasher Intervention With Dr. Drew & What Is A Squasher?

Dr Oz and Dr Drew Pinsky will host a squasher intervention with two women on November 22.


But what happens when someone is actually living an unhealthy lifestyle on purpose? We’ll find out when Dr. Oz sits down with a group of women who are known as “squashers.” If you have no idea what a squasher is, listen up; you’ll be shocked to hear what these women do to their bodies, all for the sake of money.

Dr Oz: What Is A Squasher?

Squashers are overweight women who refuse to lose weight; in fact, squashers actually gain weight on purpose, reaching extreme levels of unhealthiness for profit. These women are paid money to literally sit on men, who somehow receive pleasure via the experience.

Dr Oz: The Secret World of Squashers

Squashers are paid a lot of money for what they do, but is it really worth it? Not only is this bizarre occupation degrading, but these women could be killing themselves by maintaining their unhealthy lifestyles. On November 22, Dr Oz will perform a life-saving intervention on two of these women, asking them if it’s really worth it to live life as a squasher.


Dr Oz: Squasher Intervention with Dr Drew Pinsky

Joining Dr. Oz will be another television doctor, Dr. Drew Pinsky. He’ll accompany Dr. Oz on this squasher intervention, hopefully making these women realize that they want to change their lives for the better.

It should be a dramatic new episode of Dr. Oz on November 22.


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