Dr. Oz September 28 2012 Preview – Supermarket Secrets & Daphne Oz


Dr. Oz September 28 2012 Preview

Dr. Oz September 28 2012 Preview - Supermarket Secrets

Dr. Oz September 28 2012 is all about food. Dr. Oz reveals some supermarket secrets that could be making you sick, he shows you how to shop without being scammed and The Chew stops by with some healthy recipes.

The supermarket is hiding something from you. On Dr. Oz September 28 2012, find out about what health hazards the supermarket could be hiding from you. And these health hazards could be making you sick.


I used to work at a very ritzy supermarket when I was younger. And when I say ritzy, I mean you were not allowed to take your grocery cart outside, a bag boy would have to carry the groceries to your car for you or you would have to pull your car around and the bag boy would load your car.

I always thought it was a ridiculous concept to not allow someone to load their own groceries, but after watching the preview for Dr. Oz I can see the health benefits of not leaving shopping carts outside. Imagine, you grab a shopping cart from outside, place food it it and then eat the food. Kind of gross.

Dr. Oz also explains the how to spot the grocery aisle scams that are going to make you fat and broke. Even in the preview for the show, Dr. Oz’s expert on the show said you can spend up to $50 more a trip by not shopping the correct way.


Daphne Oz: The Chew Joins Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz teams up with the cast of The Chew to share a bunch of healthy recipes the whole family will love. Dr. Oz’s own daughter, Daphne Oz evens takes viewers behind the scenes of The Chew to see just how the show comes together.

If you are going to watch Dr. Oz September 28 2012 make sure you to have snacks on hand before the show starts, because I have a feeling this show is going to make your mouth water. And if you miss any of the delicious recipes, make sure to stop by Recapo for a review of all the awesome recipes.


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