Dr. Oz September 26 2012 Preview – No Shame Over-Sharers


Dr. Oz September 26 2012 Preview

Dr. Oz September 26 2012 Preview - No Shame Over-Sharers

Dr. Oz September 26 2012 is all about learning when sharing personal information can be too much.

Dr. Oz September 26 2012 is all about over sharing. Have you ever logged onto Facebook and were bombarded by one persons status’ about their day? Or the friend who Tweeted ‘My cat just licked my face,’ when obviously that is something all cats do. Or when you receive a text from one of your disgusting friends detailing some less than desirable details about their time in the bathroom.


Probably my favorite example of over-sharing is from the movie Zombieland. In the movie zombies have taken over the world and the character played by Jesse Eisenberg says one thing he won’t miss is people updating there status with things like ‘Rob Curtis is gearing up for Friday Night.’ I’m right there with you Jesse.

Dr. Oz: No Shame Questions & Answers

Dr. Oz listens to one women and she tells Dr. Oz, the whole audience and the hundreds of thousands viewers at home, all about the time she had to run to the bathroom and relieve herself. And she tells the story with a smile. Even adding in the fact that she didn’t even make any of it into the toilet.

Another women regales the audience and viewers about the time she tried to give herself a bikini wax and it didn’t work out as well as she expected.


Pretty risque stuff if you ask me. And Dr. Oz agrees. He puts the fate of these over-sharers in the hands of the audience to let them know sometimes you just keep some information to yourself.

There is no shame on this episode of Dr. Oz September 26 2012. Make sure to watch this cringe-worthy episode and if you miss any of the dirty stories stop by Recapo tomorrow for a complete and detailed report of these over-sharers.


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