Dr Oz September 25 2012 Preview – Melatonin for Sleep May Be Dangerous


Dr Oz September 25 2012 Preview

Dr Oz September 25 2012 Preview - Melatonin for Sleep May Be Dangerous

Dr Oz September 25 2012 is all about the dangers of melatonin. Dr. Oz explains the damage it can do. Also, Dr. Oz debunks some common anti-aging myths.

Dr Oz September 25 2012 show Dr. Oz discusses a very disturbing topic; how melatonin may be dangerous to your health. Melatonin is a naturally occurring compound in your body and is vital in regulating sleeping and waking cycles. Melatonin has many factors that make it beneficial, such as its use as an antioxidant, its use to help control weight gain, it has been shown to help women who are trying to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization improve the quality of their eggs and has even been shown to hello lower cholesterol.


So what could make this drug so terrible for humans? Dr. Oz explains.

Dr. Oz: The Dangers of Melatonin and the Myths of Anti-Aging

Dr. Oz September 25 2012 he talks about the dangers of a naturally occurring compound in our bodies and why it may not be a good sleep-aid.  Dr. Oz seems to allude, in the trailer, that no amount of melatonin is good for you and even makes a comment to a women telling her she essentially poisoned herself.

I am super glad I can get a good nights rest on my own, because if I was taking melatonin I would be scared to watch this episode.


Dr. Oz also fills viewers in on all the anti-aging myths on the market. He shows viewers how few of the anti-aging methods are actually working to your benefit.

All this and more will be covered on Dr. Oz September 25 2012. If you miss any of the details about the dangers of melatonin or are curious about the anti-aging myths you should watch out for, stop by Recapo for all the details.


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