Dr Oz: Science Behind Past Lives + Healthier Late Night Snacks


Dr Oz February 20 2015 Preview

On Friday, February 20, Dr Oz will investigate whether there is truly science behind past lives. Then, he’ll talk to all his viewers who constantly find themselves munching on unhealthy treats at night, to give them healthier strategies for sticking to their weight loss plan after dinner.

Dr Oz: Science Behind Past Lives + Healthier Late Night Snacks

If you’re big on late night snacking or reaching for unhealthy treats after dinner, Dr Oz has a plan to help you stick to your weight loss plan. (Rene Jansa / Shutterstock)


Dr Oz: Did You Live A Past Life?

Dr Oz will explore whether there is a real science behind past lives and what’s really going on in the brain during a past life regression. Not only does he want to know if past lives are real, but if they are, could they hold the key to helping us heal in our current lives?

Regression therapy is used to help people remember and relive past experiences, but it can also be used to tap into a former life, not just the past of our current one. So can science prove that it’s real?

Dr Oz: Avoid Unhealthy Snacks After Dinner

Dr Oz will then talk to his viewers who admit to being night eaters. Dr Oz will share his strategies to help those people stick to their weight loss plan by staying away from unhealthy snacks after they’ve already eaten dinner.


Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Products That Really Work

Dr Oz will then talk to journalist Bill Gifford, who spent a year investigating what anti-aging products truly work. Dr Oz wants to be sure that before you go out and spend your money on products promising to make you look or feel younger, you know the truth about whether they work or are seemingly a scam.

We’re all hoping to fight the signs of aging and stay looking just as if not younger than we actually are. If you’re looking to buy anti-aging products, be sure to watch Dr Oz’s segment with Bill Gifford first!


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