Dr Oz: Right-To-Die Advocate Brittany Maynard’s Mother


Dr Oz February 23 2015 Preview

Dr Oz is back with an all-new episode on Monday February 23, and he’ll sit down with right-to-die advocate Brittany Maynard’s mother in an exclusive interview to talk about everything from Brittany’s diagnosis to her decision to end her life.

Dr Oz: Right-To-Die Advocate Brittany Maynard's Mother

Dr Oz will talk to Brittany Maynard’s mother about her daughter’s difficult diagnosis and why she chose to end her life. (kurhan / Shutterstock)


Dr Oz: Brittany Maynard’s Mom

Dr Oz will welcome Debbie Ziegler, mother of Brittany Maynard, the woman who sparked right-to-die conversations and controversies across the country and possibly even around the world. Debbie will speak out for the first time about her daughter’s painful diagnosis, unfortunate suffering, and her difficult decision to ultimately end her life.

Debbie will also open up carrying on her daughter’s legacy and campaign to broaden the “Death with Dignity” laws into other states across the country. Currently, there are only a few states that accept the right to die, and Brittany Maynard made it her mission to change that.

Dr Oz: Stop Obsessing & Lose Weight

Dr Oz will then take one woman to the Truth Tube to talk about obsessing over the numbers she sees on the scale. Dr Oz will show the woman how she can stop freaking out over the number she sees with different ways she can start achieving her true weight loss goals. If you’re constantly checking the scale, weighing yourself every day, and are constantly unhappy with what you’re seeing, Dr Oz may just have the solution for you.


Dr Oz: Healthy Heart Kit

Dr Oz will then share the “kit” everyone needs for a healthy heart. Whether it’s a certain medication, an exercise regimen, or specific foods you need to eat, Dr Oz could be considered an expert on the heart, and he knows just what you need to keep it healthy. It’s not too late to keep yourself from heading for an early demise, so take the measures now to live a longer, healthier life using Dr Oz’s healthy heart kit.


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