Dr Oz: Restart Your Body, Energy Boosting Hot List + Diet Personality


Dr Oz February 11 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

It seems like almost everything in life these days can use a restart once in awhile. Whether it’s your car on a cold morning or your cell phone when it just won’t work properly, sometimes the best solution is to reboot. Dr Oz is showing you how you can Restart Your Body 5 Ways in 5 Days on his show this Tuesday, February 11 2014.


Dr Oz: Restart Your Body

Dr Oz: Restart Your Body, Energy Boosting Hot List + Diet Personality

Dr Oz is sharing five ways you can restart your body in less than a week on his February 11 episode. Get his Energy Boosting Hot List of tips and solutions.

Are you ready to change your body for the better? Get a boost from this Restart Your Body plan that you will only find from Dr Oz and his team! Give yourself just one week and you could completely transform the picture of your health.

Say goodbye to exhaustion and get a new lease on life with these natural, simple and proven tactics to change your health for good. That’s all ahead on Tuesday’s new show.


Dr Oz: Energy Boosting Hot List

What foods can help to solve your lack of energy? Dr Oz said you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of new products to get the results you seek. Instead, turn to these natural solutions from the Energy Boosting Hot List and you will see results on your schedule. Coming up February 11 2014, you can get an energy makeover with fresh tips from America’s doctor.

Dr Oz: Diet Personality Type

Learn your diet personality type and how that can help you choose a customized meal plan. But that’s not all. Dr Oz will be showing off some fun new toys and gadgets that can help you take charge of your health.

Then it’s time to diagnose a burning pain in your stomach and get a makeover for some of the foods that you love, but that you know are not the best choices for you. With so many tips and tricks, it is going to be a very busy hour on Tuesday’s show. Don’t miss Dr Oz February 11!


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