Dr Oz: Rejuvenate Your Neckline, Sluggish Thyroid & Detox Fat Burner


Dr Oz February 24 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

Say goodbye to those extra pounds and say yes to jump starting your new year! Dr Oz is brand new with The Detox Diet To Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast on his Monday show, coming February 24 2014. This hour will also include advice on your thyroid, the use of probiotics, and information on how to rejuvenate your neckline as you age. It’s going to be a busy hour, so hold on tight. If you don’t remember to take notes, we have you covered. Just check back here for details after the show.


Dr Oz: Detox Diet Fast Fat Burner

Dr Oz: Rejuvenate Your Neckline, Sluggish Thyroid & Detox Fat Burner

Dr Oz is showing you how to rejuvenate your neckline and ways to boost a sluggish thyroid on the Feb. 24 show, with a new two-week diet plan for health.

Give Dr Oz two weeks and see the results you might have when you change your diet to detox the body and restart it on a healthy path that burns fat and makes you feel more energized than ever before. You probably haven’t felt this great in years, and this is your chance to reclaim that awesome morning boost that makes you want to jump out of bed like a kid on a snow day. Check out everything you need to do, and find out how this diet really worked for test subjects from Dr Oz’s audience on the February 24 show.

Dr Oz: Sluggish Thyroid & Probiotics

Also, is your Thyroid giving you trouble? Dr Oz will show us how Thyroid problems can occur and what you can do if yours is not working the way that it should be. Be sure to watch and learn how you can be proactive about your health.


Then, find out the best ways to take Probiotics and what to look for when you are adding them to your diet. That’s all going to be a part of Monday’s episode.

Dr Oz: Rejuvenate Your Neckline

Don’t let your neck give away your age. As we age, the skin in the face and neck can become more thin, letting wrinkles sneak up. But Dr Oz will show you the best beautifying methods to beat this. Plus, see how professional hairstylists take care of their own manes. What products do they use? Get answers on February 24 with a brand new hour from Dr Oz.


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