Dr Oz: RealAge Test Reveals Health Age & Tips to Look 20 Years Younger


Dr Oz April 16 2013 Preview

Do you want to look like your driver’s license picture again (without the goofy smile and bad hair of course)? On the April 16 2013 episode of Dr. Oz, “What’s Your Real Age?,” he is revealing the secrets to make you look up to 20 years younger. It all starts with taking the RealAge test.

For anyone who is having trouble with wrinkles, sagging skin and anything else you think is making you look older, this is the episode of Dr. Oz you are going to want to make sure you watch.


Dr Oz: RealAge Test Reveals Health Age & Tips To Look 20 Years Younger

Dr. Oz April 16 2013 is having everyone in his audience take a RealAge test to determine their health age and he has the secrets to look 20 years younger.

Dr Oz: RealAge Test

Dr. Oz said the first step in looking and feeling 20 years younger is taking the RealAge test. This test will reveal your body’s health age through a  series of calculations. After you know your RealAge, you can take the number and the information your get from the test to develop a plan to start looking and feeling younger. The test will reveal what is making you age so fast and what you can do to stop the aging process from happening.

Do you already know your RealAge? Have you taken the test before? Stop envying the picture in your driver’s license and learn the secrets to shaving years off your appearance. Dr. Oz is going to show you the secrets to watch your appearance get younger and younger right before your eyes.


Make sure to tune in to Dr. Oz April 16 2013 to find your real health age. If you miss any of the information from this episode, stop by Recapo tomorrow afternoon for a full recap of the show.


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