Dr Oz: Powdered Alcohol Warning + Being Thin In A Fat Family


Dr Oz April 20 2015 Preview

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Dr Oz is back with another all-new episode on Monday, April 20, and this time he’s ready to talk about an incredibly controversial new product that will soon hit market shelves: powdered alcohol. Then, he’ll turn to his Truth Tube to discuss how difficult it can be to be a “fat person in a thin family.”


Dr Oz: Powdered Alcohol Warning + Being Thin In A Fat Family

Powdered alcohol will hit market shelves soon and Dr Oz wants you to know the real risks before you try it. (Svetlana Foote / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Oz: Controversial Powdered Alcohol

Dr Oz will welcomed the creator of Palcohol, Mark Phillips to his show, as well as physician Dr Yael Varnado, to talk about the controversial powdered alcohol that is already getting a lot of buzz. The powder is set to hit store shelves this summer, which is why Dr Oz wants to make sure everyone, especially parents, is prepared. The powder allows you to turn water into alcohol, which may seem like a neat idea to most, but the reality is that it also poses a lot of dangers.

Would you try powdered alcohol? What are your concerns about the new product?


Dr Oz: Botched Hollywood Plastic Surgery

Dr Oz will then be joined by the stars of Botched, Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow. Together, the three doctors will expose some of “Hollywood’s biggest plastic surgery disasters.” All any celebrity wants is to stay beautiful and stay relevant in a forever-changing community. While some of them went under the knife only to get great results, others are probably wishing they never did it at all. Dr Oz will break it all down on his Monday, April 20 episode!

Dr Oz: Being Fat In A Skinny Family

Dr Oz will then invite yet another person to step inside the Truth Tube as he discusses the reality of being a “fat person in a thin family.” Radio host Elvis Duran will join Dr Oz to weigh in on the topic and share his best advice and ways of coping along your own fitness journey.


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