Dr Oz: Plastic In Microwave, Addictive Eating + Walk-In Procedures


Dr Oz September 26 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

It’s time to conclude another week of new shows with Dr Oz. This show will feature a previously postponed report about the dangers of Medi-Spas and particular cosmetic procedures. Then, Dr Oz will share “new information” regarding the use of microwaves. Are you worried? Tune in Friday, September 26 for details on these stories and more.


Dr Oz: Dangers of Walk-In Cosmetic Procedures

Dr Oz: Plastic In Microwave, Addictive Eating + Walk-In Procedures

Do you put plastic in the microwave? Dr Oz is sharing what to know about this everyday kitchen appliance on the September 26 episode. (Sean Pavone / Shutterstock.com)

Doctor Oz and investigative reporter Elisabeth Leamy have teamed up once again to learn the truth behind some of the most popular walk-in cosmetic procedures. What are the three types of operations that you should never have?

Plus, what are the chances that the person operating on you is unlicensed, or even untrained? You won’t believe what hidden cameras uncovered in the operating room. Beauty is not worth dying for. See this report on Friday, September 26.


Dr Oz: Plastic In Microwave

The Microwave is in millions of US homes, and it is believed to be a modern convenience that is perfect for nuking packaged meals or leftovers. What are the latest questions surrounding this common kitchen appliance?

Find out what Dr Oz wants everyone to know about putting plastic in the microwave. His thoughts on the matter might just surprise you.

Dr Oz: Addictive Eating & Hungry Girl

What are the eating habits we take for granted? Dr Oz is sharing how they could be making us addicted to things like fast food. Learn how to avoid this when you watch the brand new episode airing Friday.

Plus, Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien is back with some great new advice that you can use in your kitchen this weekend. Finally, Dr Oz is sharing foot pain solutions that can help you feel better starting now.

All these tips and tricks are coming up in an all new hour with Dr Oz on Friday, September 26, so don’t miss it!


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