Dr Oz: Paula Abdul’s Shocking Health Confession & Beauty Secrets


Dr Oz: Paula Abdul’s Health Confession

Paula Abdul is an international entertainment icon. Her ‘90s music and dance career paved the way for countless others. By the 2000s, she signed on as a judge for what would become a reality competition phenomenon, American Idol, which thrust her back into the spotlight, cementing her status as a household name. Dr Oz & Paula Abdul are teaming up for a special episode, coming May 22 2012.

Dr Oz: Paula Abdul

TV personality & entertainer Paula Abdul is opening up to Dr Oz on his May 22 2012 episode. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


You might think all that attention has made her used to the spotlight, but Paula Abdul has secret struggles just like everyone else. For the first time, she is opening up to Dr Oz and his audience about her secret health battles and what it’s like constantly being the subject of rumors and speculation in the press and tabloids. How does she manage it all, and what is the next chapter for the enduring entertainer?

Was Paula Abdul doing drugs? Why was she keeping secrets? And what is behind some of her talked about behavior at the judges’ table on shows such as American Idol, Live To Dance, and The X Factor? She’s only talking to Dr Oz about the health struggles she’s kept out of the public eye.

Dr Oz: Paula Abdul Beauty Secrets

Through it all, Paula Abdul has managed to look youthful and beautiful, no matter what she’s been going through. How does she do it? She will also share some of her favorite beauty strategies and secrets, coming up on her one-on-one appearance with Dr Oz, for his May 22 2012 episode. You won’t want to miss the beauty products and techniques she is sharing with Dr Oz’s audience.


See how you can get results for yourself and turn back the clock using her anti-aging secrets and solutions. Plus, Dr Oz will reveal more beauty routines that can save you big bucks. Find out what plastic surgeons don’t want the public to know, that can keep you looking great without going under the knife.

Get ready to save money, look beautiful, and be enlightened by Paula Abdul in an all new episode of Dr Oz, premiering May 22 2012.


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