Dr Oz: Overcoming Tragedy + Grief Cure & Dairy Insensitivity


Dr Oz January 20 2015 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from this episode:

Dr has yet another all-new episode planned for Tuesday January 20. He’ll welcome a woman to his show who lost her parents and three children in a fire, but still managed to overcome her grief. She’ll share the advice that got her through the unbelievable tragedy. Then, Dr Oz will explain why a dairy insensitivity could be to blame for your cramping and bloating after munching on cheese or ice cream.


Dr Oz: Overcoming Tragedy + Grief Cure & Dairy Insensitivity

A woman who had to overcome insurmountable grief and she’ll share with Dr Oz how she did it. Then, Dr Oz will help you figure out if you could have a dairy sensitivity. (mitarart / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Oz: Overcoming Tragedy + Grief Cure

Dr Oz will talk to a woman who lost her parents and three daughters in a Christmas fire at her house. Her name is Madonna Badger and Dr Oz will welcome her to his show to give an update on her tragic story. She’ll share how she was drowning in unthinkable grief and somehow managed to learn to live again. She’ll explain how one doctor finally gave her the cure to her grief that allowed her to live again.

Dr Oz: Stroke Warning Signs

Dr Oz then wants to make sure you would know if you were having a stroke. Because strokes are more common in women than in men, Dr Oz believes that for many women, the symptoms might not be what you think. Dr Oz will share what warning signs every woman needs to know.


Dr Oz: Are You Sensitive To Dairy?

Dr Oz will then focus on all those people who love cheese, ice cream, and even milk, but hate the way it makes them feel afterward. Dr Oz will take to the Truth Tube and explain how bloating, cramps, or constant visits to the bathroom could be the result of a dairy insensitivity.

Be sure to tune in to Dr Oz to find out if you have to give up dairy, or if there’s a way to enjoy the delicious creamy foods without the uncomfortable side effects.



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