Dr Oz: Overcome Your Worst Fear + Actress Mariel Hemingway


Dr Oz May 14 2015 Preview

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On Thursday, May 14, Dr Oz is taking a closer look at your worst and most personal fears, and the wide range of things that people are afraid of. He’ll help some of his viewers overcome what frightens them the most, and then talk to actress Mariel Hemingway about how she overcame her fears and came to terms with mental illness in her family.


Dr Oz: Overcome Your Worst Fear + Actress Mariel Hemingway

Are you ready to conquer your worst fear? Dr Oz will help his viewers do just that before he sits down with Mariel Hemingway to find out how she got over what scared her. (Anson0618 / Shutterstock)

Dr Oz: Conquer Your Worst Fear

If you’re like me, your biggest fears are heights, spiders, and snakes. I would easily call myself a bit of a “scaredy cat” given that I refuse to go anywhere or do anything that involves facing a fear. But would you face even your worst fear if Dr Oz were right there to help you through it?

Dr Oz will find out what scares his viewers the most, and then accompany them as they try to overcome those fears and put an end to what frightens them most.


Dr Oz: Overcome Money Anxiety

Then, Dr Oz will welcome personal finance expert Lynnette Khalfani Cox to his show to share her plan for how you can overcome and get rid of any fears you may have about money. She has just the tips you need to get your bank account and financial situation in tip-top shape.

If you’re constantly worrying about money, this is the show for you, so be sure to tune in to Dr Oz on May 14!

Dr Oz: Mariel Hemingway + Overcoming Fears & Accepting Mental Illness

But that’s not all! Dr Oz will then talk to actress and author Mariel Hemingway about how she was able to overcome her fears, and how she finally came to terms with mental illness in her family. It’s a tough, open conversation about her most personal struggles, but Mariel knows that there are many people out there who can relate.


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