Dr Oz: No You Didn’t! Grossest Medical Questions


Doctor Oz: Grossest Medical Questions

We all have that friend or family member that just marches to the beat of their own drum. Maybe they have some weird habits or strange quirks, and in many cases these people are harmless, even to themselves. But how do you know whether their actions are just strange behavior, or if they are doing things that are a legitimate cause for concern from a medical perspective?

Coming up on a new episode of The Dr Oz Show, the doctor himself is ambushing some of these people, with a little help from the family members who ratted them out. That’s coming up on the April 18 2012 episode.


Dr Oz: Gross Health Questions

Dr Oz is tackling gross health questions & helping family members confront people's unhygienic habits.

While this might seem a little extreme, you might think differently about it when you find out some of the strange behaviors and activities these people are involved in. It may be enough to turn your stomach…or make you think of that weird uncle in your family.

Dr Oz: No You Didn’t! Medical Answers

Would you ever eat raw meat right out of the package? One woman does, and it has her family extremely concerned. (Are we sure this is Dr Oz, and not My Strange Addiction?)


Coming on April 18 2012, Dr Oz is helping families confront people’s strange and potentially unhealthy habits. There are sure to be some uncomfortable topics discussed on this “Grosser Than Gross” episode, but you may be surprised at what you’ll learn, such as the strange and upsetting behavior that Dr Oz says we’re all doing without even realizing it.

Doctor Oz: Strange Health Habits

Think about your own strange and potentially unhealthy quirks. Then set your DVR for this upcoming episode. You will either feel better about yourself after the show, or you’ll at least have answers about whether what you’re doing is detrimental to your health.

If you’re too squeamish or queasy to see the show itself, or just don’t have time in the day to watch, you can always bookmark Recapo to check back after the broadcast and learn about what you missed. Get all the answers during the new April 18 2012 episode.


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