Dr Oz: Montel Williams Breast Cancer & Secret Health Struggles


Dr Oz: Montel Williams Secrets

You’ve known Montel Williams as a television personality for years on a talk show of his own. After much success tackling hot topics on TV in the 1990s, Montel faded from public life. More recently, he’s best known for his advocacy of health issues, such as support for research of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a disease from which he suffers. He is also a firm believer in the legalization of medical marijuana, which he says has helped him manage chronic pain.

Dr Oz: Montel Williams Breast Cancer

Montel Williams tells Dr Oz about male breast cancer & more shocking health confessions on May 3 2012.


In a memorable episode of The Dr Oz Show, he spoke candidly about his personal struggles, including his Suicide Attempts and his believe that Physician Assisted Suicide should be a legal option for terminally ill patients. This inspired a hot debate on the show that gave the audience a lot to think about.

Now, on the May 3 2012 episode of Dr Oz, Montel Williams is back, and what he has to say may shock and surprise you once again. Get ready to set your DVR so you don’t miss his latest revealing personal admissions.

Doctor Oz: Montel Williams Breast Cancer

We tend to think of Breast Cancer as a disease that only affects women. Though a majority of patients are women, it is also a health risk for many men. Former Price Is Right announcer Rod Roddy is one example of a high profile male breast cancer death. And Montel Williams is also a breast cancer survivor, in addition to his other health struggles.


Montel will share his personal story, and reveal the shocking changes he went through in diagnosis and treatment. His emotional story is coming out on the Thursday May 3 2012 episode of Doctor Oz.

Dr Oz: Montel’s Biggest Health Crisis

For many of us, surviving Breast Cancer and living with MS would be seemingly insurmountable health challenges. But Montel Williams has even more amazing survival stories to share. He hasn’t even told us his most shocking and debilitating health secret, until now.

Get ready to find out the problem that plagued him throughout his life. What he did to deal with it could be a solution that helps you as well. You’ll have to read Recapo or watch the show to find out what it was, and what he did about it. Find out why he is now in the best shape of his life, when he talks to Dr Oz on the May 3 2012 show.


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