Dr Oz: Melissa Gilbert, Morning Energy Boosters + Strange Food Habits


Dr Oz February 4 2015 Preview

On an all new Dr Oz Wednesday, February 4, actress Melissa Gilbert will sit down with Dr Oz to talk about the recent health decision she made that saved her life. Then, Dr Oz will share how you can get a burst of energy in the morning, and he’ll have some very special contributors share their tips.

Dr Oz: Melissa Gilbert Health + Morning Energy Boosters

Melissa Gilbert will join Dr Oz to share what decision she made regarding her health that ended up saving her life. (DFree / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz: Melisssa Gilbert Health

Dr Oz will sit down with actress Melissa Gilbert as she discussed the health decision she made that ended up saving her life. She’ll also talk about her struggle with substance abuse and how she was able to ultimately overcome her struggles and turn her life around.

She’ll join the show just three weeks after a major surgery, and although she’s still recovering, she’ll open up about everything from her own health to trying to fit in, in Hollywood.

Dr Oz: Morning Energy Boosters

Then, Dr Oz will turn to some of the people who wake up earliest to appear on TV to find out what they do to get a burst of energy in the morning. While I’m sure there’s a good amount of coffee involved, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if they also used things like fresh green smoothies or maybe even a workout. It’s hard to get out of bed and even harder to get up before the sun’s up, so maybe you’ll hear a tip that could work for you to get you up and at it early.


Dr Oz: Strange Food Habits & Medical Clinics Investigation

Dr Oz will also hear from his viewers to determine whether their strange food habits are “normal or nuts.” If you or someone you know has a weird thing they do when it comes to food, Dr Oz will figure out for himself whether it’s something totally wacky.

He’ll also investigate whether medical clinics, which are growing in popularity, are actually as safe as they are convenient. It’s a segment you certainly don’t want to miss.


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