Dr Oz: Meet Holistic Expert Andrew Weil’s Doctor, Dr Tieraona Low Dog


Dr Oz November 15 2012 Preview

Recapo update: check out the segments from this show, now online.

Dr Oz is back and all new with Dr Andrew Weil. The world renowned holistic expert is returning to the show with more advice about the connections between food and our health. What will he be revealing this time? Dr Oz November 15 2012 will show you his latest discoveries and recommendations.


Dr Oz: Andrew Weil & Dr Tieraona Low Dog

Dr Oz November 15 2012 will welcome the return of holistic expert Dr Andrew Weil, who is bringing along his own medical practitioner Dr Tieraona Low Dog.

Dr Andrew Weil has been on Dr Oz’s show more times than any of us can count, and when he was here earlier this fall, he shared some recipes for Andrew Weil’s Elixir and Curried Cauliflower Soup. What’s next?

Dr Andrew Weil Health Essentials

Dr Andrew Weil is returning to the show to count down the five newest health essentials he can’t live without. How will this change your daily routine? Is a solution for your chronic, hopeless problem just around the corner?


Learn how some of these new finds from around the world can help you slow the hands of time on your aging process, and what you can do today to start losing weight like you’ve always meant to.

Dr Andrew Weil’s Doctor: Tieraona Low Dog

Dr Oz is also going to meet Dr Andrew Weil’s own health practitioner, Dr Tieraona Low Dog, who is revealing her strategy for fighting fatigue. These sound like the questions a lot of us are facing in our everyday lives, and the show is tackling them once again in an all new episode of Dr Oz November 15 2012.

Tune in for the show or visit Recapo to get all the recommendations and resources that you’ll be learning about. Could your fatigue fighting solutions finally be here? We’ll see what Dr Weil is up to now.

What’s the biggest health challenge you face? What makes you tune in for Dr Oz each day? There’s so much information out there, and I feel like we’re always hearing about something new. Find out what’s new tomorrow by catching the show or visiting our website to read about what we learned.


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