Dr Oz: Lower Blood Pressure Naturally & Best Money-Saving Health Tips


Recapo Update: This episode of Dr. Oz has aired. Click the links below to find out how beet juice can lower your blood pressure and how to save money on health splurges:

Dr Oz May 14 2013 Preview

One of the biggest complaints people have with Dr. Oz is that many of the products, diets and weight loss advice he gives on the show all require a little bit of money to follow through with them. I would say at least half the time, Dr. Oz is sharing secrets that cost more than the average person would want to spend. But on his May 14 2013 episode, “Health Splurges That Save You Money,” Dr. Oz is revealing how you can indulge in your health and save thousands of dollars every single year.


Dr Oz: All-Natural Way to Lower Blood Pressure & How to Save Thousands

Dr Oz May 14 2013 has an all-natural way to keep blood pressure low and he is sharing his best tips for indulging in your health without spending a lot.

Plus, Dr. Oz is going over his latest all-natural solutions to keep your blood pressure low.

Indulge In Your Health and Save Thousands Of Dollars

Have you ever thought Dr. Oz talks about products and diets that cost too much for you to purchase? Today he is addressing those concerns with an episode all about splurging while on a budget. From wine that only costs a few dollars a bottle to massages that will keep your wallet from thinning out too much to beauty products that will have you looking like a million bucks without spending that much, Dr. Oz has it all.


In light of Dr. Oz sharing some of his best secrets for indulging in your health for cheap, do you have any type of money-saving secrets other people could benefit from? Maybe a really cheap hand soap you know how to make or where to buy or possibly a way to save money on some household chores? Let us know in the comments section below.

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

A lot of Americans have very high blood pressure and many of them do not want to take medications to keep it low. Many people are trying to move away from medications and towards all-natural solutions like changing their diet and their lifestyle to better fit their health.

Today, Dr. Oz is going over his best all-natural solution to keep your blood pressure low no matter how high it has gone.

Make sure to tune in to Dr. Oz May 14 2013 to find out his secret to lowering blood pressure and how you can indulge in Dr. Oz’s best health splurges without spending too much money. If you miss any of the information on the show, stop back at Recapo tomorrow afternoon for a complete recap of the show.


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