Dr Oz: Little Couple’s Cancer Scare & Deadly Flu Kills Young People


Dr Oz February 28 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

Dr Oz is sharing a daytime exclusive interview with a family that viewers have gotten to know well on their TLC reality series. You will see them in a different light when you hear their firsthand account of The Little Couple’s Cancer Scare on the Friday, February 28 episode of his show.


Dr Oz: Little Couple’s Cancer Scare

Dr Oz: Little Couple's Cancer Scare & Deadly Flu Kills Young People

Dr Oz will get a firsthand account of The Little Couple’s Cancer Scare on his February 28 show, featuring Dr Jen Arnold and warnings about this year’s flu.

Dr Jen Arnold is one half of The Little Couple, parents who have been raising their family in the limelight on a TLC reality series. But just because you are reality star does not mean you are immune to the troubles that can afflict any of us.

Arnold will speak candidly about her battle with a rare form of cancer when she appears on Dr Oz’s show for a chat that you won’t see anywhere else on daytime television. Find out what she has been through, how she figured out something was terribly wrong, and where the family will go from here. That’s coming up on Friday’s episode.


Dr Oz: Deadly Flu Kills Young People

Each year when the flu vaccine becomes available, news stories urge that it is needed to protect aging populations, and they also warn that children could be at risk. But what you don’t often expect is that the flu could strike among relatively young, seemingly healthy adults. That is exactly what it has done in some aggressive cases during this flu season.

On Friday, February 28, Dr Oz will look into why this has been happening and what all of us need to know to protect ourselves and the ones we love. Do not be taken down by a disease that is avoidable and manageable. Now more than ever, we need to take influenza seriously.

Dr Oz: What To Eat When You’re Sick

What are the best and worst foods to eat when you are sick? Dr Oz is going to check off a list so you can be prepared the next time you’re not feeling well. Also, see what new information he wants to share about nut butters on Friday’s new episode.


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