Dr Oz: Lack of Sleep, Personal Paleo Code Weight Loss + Buying Organic


Dr Oz February 17 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

Dr Oz is showing you one of the most popular and effective diet plans on the planet in his brand new show on Monday, February 17. Have you heard of the Paleo Diet? It’s not just for cavemen, as you will learn when you tune in. On Monday, you can learn how to turn up the heat and customize the program to your personal body type.


Dr Oz: Personal Paleo Code Weight Loss

Dr Oz: Lack of Sleep, Personal Paleo Code Weight Loss + Buying Organic

Dr Oz is showing how your personal Paleo Code can help you lose weight on a brand new episode airing Monday, Feb. 17. Also, learn when not to buy organic.

Do you want to burn fat, boost energy, and prevent disease? Dr Oz is going to explain how you can harness the concepts of the Paleo Diet to make positive changes in your life that could help you lose as much as 75 pounds in just six months!

The best part is that you are still going to be able to enjoy many of the foods you love. This is about a mind shift, not deprivation, and different tactics may work better for your body type, so find out what those are when Monday’s show is brand new.


Experts will be on hand to share their thoughts as well, so don’t miss this enlightening hour.

Dr Oz: Lack of Sleep & Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia can be a very painful condition, and it is something that science is still striving to fully understand. See what we know about it and what that can tell us about health and wellbeing.

Also on the February 17 show, discover how your lack of sleep could be hurting you in ways you did not expect. Plus, Dr Oz talks about one of his favorite topics: poop. This time, he’s focusing on constipation.

Dr Oz: 10-Calorie Snack + Buying Organic?

We hear all the time that buying organic is very important. But is that always true? Dr Oz is showing you when it’s OK not to buy organic on Monday’s episode. Plus, top the February 17 show off with a 10-calorie treat that it’s impossible to feel guilty about. As always, you can learn a lot in just one hour with Dr Oz.


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