Dr Oz: La La Anthony ‘Power Playbook’ + Coffee Vs Tea Benefits


Dr Oz May 11 2015 Preview

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On Monday, May 11, Dr Oz will talk to La La Anthony about her Power Playbook and how you can be your happiest, healthiest, and most successful self. Then, Dr Oz will take a look at coffee and tea side-by-side to determine which one has the most health benefits, and which should be your choice to fill your morning mug.


Dr Oz: La La Anthony "Power Playbook" + Coffee Vs Tea Benefits

Whether you’re a coffee drinker or a tea drinker, Dr Oz wants to find out which is healthier. Then, La La Anthony will talk about her new book. (wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock)

Dr Oz: Weight Loss Transformations

Dr Oz just celebrated his 1,000th episode on Friday, May 9, and he looked back at some of his best moments with the Truth Tube. He talked about how the Truth Tube makes you come face-to-face with your problems and encourage you to turn your life around. Well that’s exactly what all these women did. In fact, after they came face-to-face with their weight, they made the changes necessary to literally lose half their body weight!

Dr Oz is beyond excited to reveal some incredible weight loss transformations that you truly have to see to believe!


Dr Oz: La La Anthony + ‘Power Playbook’

Dr Oz will then invite New York Times bestselling author La La Anthony to his show to talk about her new book Power Playbook. The book discusses rules to becoming your best self in terms of happiness, health, and success. Would you consider yourself to be at your best? There’s always room for improvement right?

La La will share some of her “rules” with Dr Oz and perhaps there’s one or more that will resonate with you! Be sure to tune in for the interview on Monday, May 11!

Dr Oz: Coffee Vs Tea Health Benefits

Finally, it’s the segment I’ve been waiting for. Are you a coffee person or a tea person? Dr Oz is ready for the “showdown” to find out which one is healthier.

I drink both regularly, but I would definitely consider myself a coffee person! I certainly wouldn’t be a morning person without it, but would it be more beneficial health-wise to sip on more tea? You can bet I’ll be all ears during this segment, and if you’re reaching for a mug every morning, you should to!


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