Dr Oz: Jennifer Lopez Health Secrets + Home Remedies For Feet


Dr Oz January 23 2015 Preview

Recapo Update: Here are the segments from this episode:

Dr Oz will kick off his last show of the week by talking to super-celebrity Jennifer Lopez about all her secrets to staying healthy and looking young. He’ll then share various home remedies for just about any problem you could face regarding your feet.


Dr Oz: Jennifer Lopez Health Secrets + Home Remedies For Feet

Jennifer Lopez will share her health secrets with Dr Oz, and then Dr Oz will look at various home remedies for different foot problems. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Oz: Jennifer Lopez Health Secrets

On Friday January 23, Dr OZ will be joined by singer, dancer, and actress, the beautiful Jennifer Lopez. She’ll be sharing all her secrets to looking and feeling great, no matter what your age. I think just about any woman can agree that they would love to look as good as J.Lo when they’re in their 40s and have had kids. She’s stunningly beautiful and seems to only get even more pretty with age.

If I can just incorporate one of Jennifer Lopez’s beauty tricks into my daily regimen, there’s no doubt that I would see some sort of result! Be sure to set your TV to Dr Oz to find out the celebrity’s secrets to looking as good as she does.


Dr Oz: Level Out Your Mood Swings

Later, Dr Oz will visit his Truth Tube to find out what could be causing you to feel happy one minute and then upset and irritable the next. If you’re suffering from frequent mood swings and want an answer as to why, Dr Oz just may have an answer for you.

Dr Oz: Home Remedies For Your Feet

Before the end of the show, Dr Oz will share easy home remedies for the most common foot problems. Whether you have blisters, dry and cracked heels, or toenail fungus, Dr Oz has easy solutions using surprisingly everyday items, which means fixing your feet is actually much easier than you may have thought!


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