Dr Oz Investigates: Could Your Silver Fillings Be Making You Sick?

Dr Oz March 28 2013 Preview

Some things in life just don’t make sense. Like the saying, “Who let the cat of the bag?” How did that term come to mean you let a secret out? Are cats somehow like secrets and I have never noticed the similarities? Maybe. How about fillings? Why did someone ever think it would proper to fill up a mouth with a bunch of different metals and leave them in for years at a time?

New research has shown that fillings in your teeth could be toxic. Dr. Oz is going to investigate whether fillings could be harmful to your health on his March 27 2013 episode, “Are Your Silver Fillings Making You Sick?”

Dr Oz Investigates: Could Your Silver Fillings Be Making You Sick?

Dr. Oz March 28 2013 is investigating whether your silver fillings could be making you sick and why mercury fillings are banned in other countries.

Dr Oz: Silver Fillings Could Be Dangerous

Do you suffer from memory loss or mood swings? Do you have fillings in your teeth? According to new research, it could be your fillings causing the memory loss or the mood swings and a number of other illnesses as well. Dr. Oz is going to be talking with experts about the dangers of fillings, how they could be affecting your health and whether you need to get them removed.

Dr. Oz is also going to be asking why mercury fillings are banned in some countries but still used in America. Are there better materials we could be putting in our mouths? Are there other metals or plastics that could be substituted for a mercury filling? Dr. Oz is going to go over how harmful mercury fillings can be and some of the illnesses that could be stemming from the fillings in your mouth.

Make sure to tune in to Dr. Oz March 27 2013 to find out if fillings could be causing you to feel sick. This is an important episode for anyone with a filling in their mouth, so if you miss any of the information from the episode, stop back at Recapo tomorrow afternoon for a full recap of the show.

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