Dr Oz: Health Ambush Surprise Interventions & 3 Lifesaving Tests


Dr Oz’s Health Ambush Surprise

What would you do if Dr. Oz showed up and surprised you with a health ambush intervention? Some shocked viewers are about to find out by having this happen to them on the March 26 2012 episode of his show.

He will help viewers tackle their real life health problems by confronting them in their daily routines to see how he can help them make healthier decisions. Let’s face it, going to a studio for a taping of Doctor Oz is not our natural environment.


We will probably think differently about ourselves and our routines when we’re in a health setting, as opposed to when we’re going through our daily habits.

Dr Oz: 3 LIfesaving Tests

Dr. Oz will discuss three tests that could save your life, coming up March 26 2012.

It’s the same reason you might have trouble remembering the answers to mundane questions your doctor asks you. Tune in March 26 2012 and see how these surprised viewers learn from Dr. Oz, and what you can take away from it as well.


Dr Oz: 3 Lifesaving Tests

Heart Disease is a major killer in our country. But like so many other chronic diseases, it’s preventable and treatable. That’s why routine checkups and regular access to healthcare are so important.

Coming up on the March 26 2012 edition of The Dr Oz Show, the doctor will enlighten viewers about the three tests they can use to potentially save their own lives. Find out the suggestions he has in store and learn what you should be asking your doctor about when it comes to your health.

Dr Oz: March 26 2012

What would you do if Dr. Oz showed up at your home or office? What kinds of questions would you want to ask him? I’m not sure where I would even start, but it seems like he would be fascinating to chat with.

Do you know someone in your personal life who needs a health ambush? You can tell them to check out Dr. Oz’s advice, and encourage them to make a doctor’s appointment to get the three easy life saving tests that will be discussed March 26 2012 on Dr Oz’s show.


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