Dr Oz: Get Your Fat To Eat Itself + Dairy-Free Calcium-Rich Foods


Dr Oz February 7 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

It’s time for another brand new hour with Dr Oz, and this Friday, he is tackling a topic that many of us probably think sounds too good to be true: How To Get Your Fat To Eat Itself. On the February 7 show, learn how the foods you include in your diet could have a revolutionary impact on dislodging some of the stored and accumulating fat that have built up through the years. And that’s not all: learn how to counteract a slip-up if you cheat on your diet and get some new ideas for calcium.


Dr Oz: How To Get Your Fat To Eat Itself

Dr Oz: Dairy-Free Calcium-Rich Foods + Get Your Fat To Eat Itself

Dr Oz is sharing how you can Get Your Fat To Eat Itself and the best ways to incorporate dairy-free calcium-rich food sources into your diet on February 7.

Are you looking for a new way to stop letting fat take over your life? Dr Oz is showing you a new method to tweak your diet and include powerful foods that are good for you. The bonus is that these foods will show you How To Get Your Fat To Eat Itself. Friday’s show sounds like a miracle, but it’s really just the power of science put to work in the foods we eat.

You are going to eat food each day because it’s required to survive. Sticking to a healthy plan does not have to mean depriving yourself of flavor and some of your favorite tastes. But it’s about creating a smart, healthy balance that works for your needs. Be sure to watch Dr Oz’s show on Friday, February 7 to learn how this can work in your life.


Dr Oz: Dairy-Free Calcium-Rich Foods

We all need some Calcium in our diets, but what if you are sensitive to lactose? It’s a common problem for many people, and it’s one that Dr Oz is addressing on his February 7 show. Be sure to tune in or log on to get advice on the best dairy-free calcium sources.

Plus, what are the latest foods you need to know about for their cancer-fighting properties? That’s also coming up to finish off the week with Dr Oz.

Dr Oz: Diet Cheat Pill

Cheating on your diet? Dr Oz said it’s OK to slip up now and then. So you can get right back on track, he is sharing a powerful pill that can balance you out. Be sure to watch this Friday!


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