Dr Oz: Fat Conspiracy, Stealth Ingredients & Anti-Aging Supplements


Dr Oz February 27 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

The Fat Conspiracy is coming to Dr Oz on Thursday, February 27 2014. Find out what’s really going on before your favorite foods make it to supermarket shelves. This could explain your weight gain and why you can never eat just one potato chip. This hour will also share some anti-aging supplements and take a look at how you can get a full body workout faster than you thought.


Dr Oz: The Fat Conspiracy & Stealth Ingredients at the Grocery Store

Dr Oz: Fat Conspiracy, Stealth Ingredients & Anti-Aging Supplements

Dr Oz and food writer Michael Moss are taking us inside the Fat Conspiracy on the February 27 show to see how stealth ingredients are keeping us hooked.

Why are you putting on weight? Dr Oz will explain what it is that makes you unable to stop. What foods are sneaking fat and addictive flavoring into our meals each day? Dr Oz is going inside some industry secrets that the food manufacturers would prefer to keep to themselves.

Michael Moss, the author of Salt Sugar Fat: How The Food Giants Hooked Us, is back to share more insider secrets in time for the paperback release of his bestseller that will rock your world and open your eyes to supermarket shenanigans.


What ingredients do you need to watch for, and what is hiding in those food labels that are supposed to tell you transparently what is in your food?

Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Supplements + Thinning Hair

Aging is always a hot topic for Dr Oz viewers, and Dr Oz will approach it in two different ways on his next show. Learn what you can do to combat thinning hair, whether it’s in patches or it seems like your hairline is starting a slow retreat.

Plus, what are the best anti-aging supplements Dr Oz wants to highlight for you? Tune in and get the answers on February 27.

Dr Oz: One-Minute Workout

This Thursday’s show will also take you inside a new workout that promises to tackle your whole body in just one minute. Can it really be possible? Any movement is better than none at all, and one minute is a great first step, so find out how it works.


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