Dr Oz: Exclusive Real Housewives Cancer Scare Interview


Dr Oz: Real Housewives

It’s been six years since a group of California women changed the face of reality TV. Now the Real Housewives of Orange County are sitting down together for an exclusive interview with Dr Oz.

If you’ve seen them party, fight, and feud on their popular Bravo reality show, you know these women always have a lot to say. Find out why they’re all together talking to TV’s most popular doctor, on his April 12 2012 episode.


Dr Oz: Real Housewives Plastic Surgery

Dr Oz reveals the truth about Real Housewives plastic surgery & cancer scare secrets on his April 12 2012 episode.

Dr Oz: Real Housewives Cancer Scare

What would you do if you found out you might have cancer? It’s a difficult challenge to face in any walk of life. But there are added considerations when you are in the public eye. What does it mean to share your life with viewers and fans in a television reality show? Where do you draw the line about what is and isn’t off limits?

For one Real Housewife, this is the shocking story you’ve never heard until now. Find out how a shocking medical issue became one of the show’s biggest secrets, and why the woman involved decided not to go public with her story, on The Dr Oz Show for April 12 2012.


Dr Oz: Real Housewives Plastic Surgery Stories

They’ve spawned a reality franchise that has taken their cable network to new heights. But the premise of the series is that they are real women facing everyday problems. How many women do you know who’ve had plastic surgery?

If you have your suspicions about your favorite Housewives or the show’s infamous villains, you’ll want to tune in to the April 12 2012 episode, when the women finally reveal the truth about who’s been under the knife.

Find out who regrets the decision to get plastic surgery, and who is ready to go back on the table for even more enhancements. That’s all coming up when Doctor Oz gets real with the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Set your DVR for this exclusive chat, or visit Recapo after the show to get the full story on all the secrets and revelations of these Real Housewives.


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