Dr Oz: Everyday Foods Experts Won’t Touch, Chemicals + Trip To the ER?


Dr Oz March 5 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

They’re the foods you probably have in your kitchen right now, but diet experts have some different thoughts about them. Are you putting these chemical-laden foods on your table every single day? The next new Dr Oz episode focuses on Everyday Foods Experts Won’t Touch. What are they, and could they be disrupting your family’s diet or putting your health at risk? Tune in Wednesday, March 5 and get answers!


Dr Oz: Everyday Foods Experts Won’t Touch

Dr Oz: Everyday Foods Experts Won’t Touch, Chemicals + Trip To the ER?

What are the everyday foods on your shopping list that experts won’t touch? What is wrong with them and why is Dr Oz sharing the concerns? Tune in March 5.

What is hiding in plain sight in your grocery cart? Learn about the chemicals and toxins on some foods that won’t go away even if you wash them. Dr Oz is going to show you how one shopping trip could change your family’s life.

See what experts are sharing with Dr Oz about which foods they do not eat and they would steer others away from as well. Are you going to learn something disturbing about one of the go-to products in your pantry?


The good news is that it is never too late to make positive changes that benefit your health. Get the shopping list that could change the way you go through the store when Dr Oz unveils the Everyday Foods Experts Won’t Touch. What do they know that the rest of us don’t? It’s a good thing they are sharing the knowledge during this March 5 episode.

Find out how the chemicals and additives in these foods could affect your health for the worse, destroying your body over time, no matter how hard you work to protect it and keep it running well.

Dr Oz: Trip To the ER

How do you know whether you have a first aid situation you can manage at home, or if your symptoms are so alarming that it’s time to head for the emergency room? Dr Oz is going to help you differentiate between the options with a guide to home triage on the March 5 episode. Be sure to tune in this Wednesday for helpful information that could cause you to make big changes to your health routines. Don’t miss this all new show.


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