Dr Oz: Ebola Virus Spiraling Out Of Control? What You Need To Know


Dr Oz October 1 2014 Preview

Dr. Oz will focus on the Ebola virus for their October 1 episode. The death toll in West Africa has risen to 2900, but health officials are warning that number could rise dramatically in the coming months.

Dr. Oz October 1 2014 Preview

Dr. Oz will discuss the Ebola virus and answer many concerning questions. (ilttlethinkbigideas / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz: Ebola Virus Out Of Control?

The Ebola virus is seemingly spiraling out of control and people in the United States are becoming increasingly concerned about the threat of an outbreak in our country. Over 2900 people dead already, and health officials are claiming over one million people could be infected by January 2015. A statistic like that is without a doubt terrifying.

Images of people in West Africa confined to small rooms, separated from those they love, only coming in contact with people that are either also infected, or completely covered head to toe in protective gear, are all over the news. There’s word of a vaccine, but even that won’t be available for quite some time, making it too late for too many people.

As the death toll and number of people infected continues to rise, Dr. Oz can’t help but wonder what is being done to contain the outbreak, and what are health officials in the United States doing to protect you? The thought of an Ebola outbreak in the United States instills fears in a lot of people. But is there anything we can do to prevent it? Do people even know what to look for?


Dr. Oz will explore the topic, answer questions, and perhaps share even more questions of his own, as he takes on the Ebola virus topic during his October 1 episode.


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