Dr Oz: Eat More To Weigh Less & 3 Healthy Chefs Face Off


Dr Oz: Eat This Weigh Less

Conventional wisdom says that dieters should be cutting their intake if they want to shed those unwanted extra pounds. But coming up on an all new episode of Dr Oz, on Monday April 23 2012, find out why this isn’t always true.

Learn about how you can tweak your eating habits and recipes so that you can actually lose weight by eating more of your favorite foods, such as burgers, pizza, or tacos. It all starts with your favorite foods.


Dr Oz: 3 Healthy Chefs Compete

See who comes out on top when three chefs compete to make healthy, delicious recipes.

You will also find out why Dr Oz says the key to success in any diet program is to “eat what you adore.” He’ll explain this and other helpful meal strategies you and your taste buds won’t want to miss.

Dr Oz: Favorite Food Substitutions

Dr Oz is showing you how making a few simple changes to your favorite meals can help you save thousands of calories. It’s got to feel good eating something you truly enjoy without having to worry about how bad it is for you, or what it is doing to your body.


Coming April 23 2012, Dr Oz will explain the simple swaps we can make in our everyday meal routines and recipes to get maximum flavor and nutrition without the pesky fat and calories that too often hold us back from diet success.

Don’t starve yourself or deprive yourself of the foods you love most. Find out how you can spice up those recipes and replace the bad ingredients with healthier options. Little decisions like that can really add up to some healthy results.

Doctor Oz: 3 Healthy Chefs Face Off

You won’t want to miss this Chef Showdown coming up on the next new Dr Oz Show. It’s all about finding tasty, nutritional meals, and three chefs (Aaron Sanchez, Todd English and Candice Kumai) are bringing everything they have to the table.

Dr Oz has only two rules for this competition. The meals must be healthy and delicious. See what these chefs are whipping up, and learn how you can make it at home for your own family. That’s coming April 23 2012 on Dr Oz, so set your DVR and don’t miss the recaps and recipes after the show on Recapo.


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