Dr Oz Dopamine Diet to Stop Cravings & Supernanny Jo Frost Tough Love


Recapo Update: This episode of Dr. Oz has aired. Click the links below to find out everything you need to know about the dopamine diet:

Dr Oz May 13 2013 Preview

One of the hardest things to do when you are on a diet is stop your cravings. Making yourself say no to yourself when you really want a hamburger is like asking a newborn to learn to talk better. It takes time. On Dr. Oz May 13 2013, he is going over his dopamine diet, a diet that helps you curb those cravings for good.


Dr Oz Dopamine Diet to Stop Cravings & Supernanny Jo Frost Tough Love

Dr Oz May 13 2013 is going over his new dopamine diet that helps curb cravings, and supernanny Jo Frost gives tough love answers to health questions.
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Also, during his newest episode, “Naturally Suppress Your Cravings,” Dr. Oz is inviting supernanny Jo Frost on the show to share her tough love solutions to your family’s biggest health problems.

Dr Oz’s Dopamine Diet

Have you ever heard of a dopamine diet? Me neither but Dr. Oz has a new dopamine diet everyone is going to want to try. He says this is the perfect diet to teach you how to curb your food cravings and keep your hunger at bay.


Dr. Oz is also going over some of his best, all-natural solutions to change the way you eat forever. He is going over the best foods for you to eat, the best recipes to calm your hunger and the best techniques to use when you feel the hunger monster start creeping around in your belly.

Jo Frost Tough Love Solutions For Health Problems

If you have a super big health problem then you are going to need a supernanny to help you out. Dr. Oz is inviting America’s favorite supernanny, Jo Frost, on the show to help you solve some of your biggest health problems with some of her own tough love advice.

I don’t know what kinds of health problems a nanny can solve, but if there are any, Jo Frost can take care of them.

Make sure to tune in to Dr. Oz May 13 2013 to find out how you can curb your cravings for good. If you miss any part of the show, stop by Recapo Monday afternoon for a complete recap of the show.



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