Dr Oz Debunks Shocking Health Myths Even Doctors Believe


Dr Oz: Shocking Health Myths

There are some types of medical advice that we just take for granted, because that’s what we were always told, and certain superstitions or rituals date back through the decades. But did you know that some of our anecdotal medical practices are actually not based on science?

Coming up on April 11 2012, Doctor Oz is investigating some of the biggest health myths that have been handed down through the years, from the perils of reading in the dark to the best way to treat burns and cuts. Are you doing the right thing? Could your doctor have given you bad advice?


Dr Oz Health Myths

Dr Oz is debunking the health myths you've heard from your relatives and even doctors. Find out the real truth about these common misconceptions.

Find out which medical practices are myths. You may be shocked at what you learn, and you won’t want to miss this episode of The Doctor Oz Show. Check Recapo to get the full details on everything mentioned in the show.

Doctor Oz: Hidden Food Allergies

If you’re struggling with your weight loss goals, you may be shocked to learn that the problem is not what you might think. You could actually be allergic to some of the foods you are eating. Find out how this plays a role in the struggle to lose weight.


Dr Oz will welcome a guest who can help us get to the bottom of our food issues and find out if allergies are affecting our health. Find out the common food item that 65% of us are allergic to, and learn an easy to follow routine that can help you discover whether you are at risk.

All that and many more health tips and surprises are coming up on the April 11 2012 episode of Dr Oz. Learn if your health habits are based on myths, and find out what you should actually be doing to take proper care of your health.

Dr Oz: Superfoods to Feed Your Memory

Also, meet a Guinness World Record holder with an amazing memory. He is sharing his superfood secrets to boost your brain power. Find out the common foods you should be shopping for, and how quickly you can expect to see a sharper memory and improved mental clarity. It’s all on The Doctor Oz Show for April 11 2012.


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