Dr Oz Debunks Health Myths Your Mom Told You


Dr Oz: Mom’s Health Myths

One of the most shocking and fascinating recent Dr Oz episodes focused on Health Myths Even Doctors Believe. You would be amazed at the things we think are true, which have been passed down through generations using anecdotal evidence. But they’re not always based in medical science. That’s why Dr Oz had to shine a light on some of these misguided ideas and expose the truth behind some of the biggest misconceptions about our health.

Dr Oz: Mom's Myths

Your mom may have given you bad medical advice. Dr Oz is sharing the real truth behind popular myths.


I must not be the only one who thought that episode was really eye opening. On the next all new Dr Oz, coming May 8 2012, he’s doing it again. This time, Doctor Oz is taking on the Health Myths Your Mother Told You.

We all have them, and we all believe them. We grow up feeling like we shouldn’t have to question our parents. But the reality is that they may actually think they’re giving good advice, but it turns out not to be medically sound. Learn the real answers for yourself in this episode.

Doctor Oz: Health Myths You Believe Exposed

Audiences at Dr Oz are never shy, so you know they’ll be baring their souls about everything under the sun. They must know that we can all learn from their questions and misconceptions.


Topics such as sunburns vs tans and types of blood that attract mosquitoes are just two of the issues that will be on the table. Set your DVR now for this informative and revealing hour, airing on May 8 2012. Don’t forget to check Recapo after the show and get the inside scoop on everything mentioned during the episode.

Do spicy foods truly cause ulcers? Get the answer to this and other burning health questions when Dr Oz takes on more myths we believe because we don’t know any better. He’s also taking on some of the biggest diet myths that could be standing between you and long lasting weight loss. Could you actually be making your waistline worse in your pursuit of diet success? See the truth for yourself in this all new episode that you’ll want to tell your own mother about.


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