Dr Oz Dangerous Health Habits & Preventing Disease From Happening


Recapo Update: This episode of Dr. Oz has aired. Click the links below to get answers to your health questions and learn how to drop 20 pounds in three weeks:

Dr Oz April 24 2013 Preview

Have you ever wondered if it is really bad to not use the bathroom right away? Have you ever wondered if that extra pill you took to get rid of a headache was really worth it in the long run especially if you took more than the recommended dose? Dr. Oz is sitting down with a number of health experts to go over the dangers of the health choices you make during his April 24 2013 episode, “How Bad Are Your Health Mistakes?”


Dr Oz Dangerous Health Habits & Preventing Disease From Happening

Dr Oz April 24 2013 is going over the dangerous health habits many of us do every single day and how to prevent yourself from contracting some diseases.

Dr Oz: Dangerous Health Habits

Everyone has a health habit they might consider strange or out of the ordinary, but did you ever think some of those habits could be harming you? Dr. Oz is talking with experts to help answer some of his fans’ more pressing questions about their health. From the pills you take to the foods you eat, Dr. Oz is going over everything that affects your body and how it might be harming you.

Dr. Oz even brings out his huge toothbrush and a set of teeth to show everyone just how important dental health is to the rest of the body.


Dr Oz: Protect Yourself From Disease

Everyone has a disease they are scared of getting and Dr. Oz is here to quell those fears and show everyone how they can prevent themselves from ever contracting a deadly illness.

Are there any diseases you are scared of? Hopefully Dr. Oz covers how not to get the disease.

Make sure to tune in to Dr. Oz April 23 2013 to find out how to prevent diseases and to find out which health habits you need to stop right away. If you miss any of this important information, stop by Recapo tomorrow afternoon for a full recap of the show.


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