Dr Oz: Coffee Enemas, The Truth About Fibroids & Decisionmaking


Dr Oz February 19 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

Fibroids are a hot topic for Dr Oz viewers this season, and they will be back on the schedule for Wednesday, February 19, in a brand new episode. It’s The Truth About Fibroids: Do You Need Surgery? Dr Oz is going in depth on this important topic for women’s health.


Dr Oz: Truth About Fibroids

Dr Oz: Coffee Enemas, The Truth About Fibroids & Decisionmaking

Get The Truth About Fibroids when Dr Oz tackles the topic during his Feb. 19 episode. Do women need to have them surgically removed?

When it comes to Fibroids, many women are confused and overwhelmed with news and information. Find out whether you need a Hysterectomy and how this condition could affect your fertility.

It’s time to get straightforward answers that can help you make informed medical decisions. Dr Oz is on call with answers for your Fibroid questions during his February 19 show, which featured a brand new, detailed exploration of the topic that is on the minds of many women.


Dr Oz: Coffee Enemas

From the serious to the seemingly silly, you won’t believe what else Oz is sharing this week. Sometimes we could all use more energy, and there is a controversial new way to get a quick pick-me-up: Coffee Enemas. Find out what Dr Oz has to say about this health trend on his show this Wednesday, February 19. Do you think he will be for or against them? Get the scoop and find out what you never expected to learn about these treatments.

Dr Oz: Decisionmaking, Craving Carbs & Health Advertisements

There’s plenty more coming up on Wednesday’s episode as well. Here are more reasons to tune in.

Do you have trouble making decisions? Find out how this could tie in with your overall health when you watch the next new episode of Dr Oz.

For those who have uncontrollable Carb Cravings, is there hope that you can make changes to curb those urges? What are the most eye-catching health ads we see in our everyday lives?

Get the latest on these topics with top tips from Dr Oz on February 19 2014.


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