Dr Oz: Christie Brinkley Anti-Aging, Bone Broth & Hot Flashes


Dr Oz March 4 2015

Dr Oz is brand new on March 4, and he is talking with supermodel Christie Brinkley about her anti-aging secrets. How does she still look amazing at age 61? She is opening up to Oz. Also in this hour, learn how you can teach your brain to crave healthy foods instead of junk.

Dr Oz: Christie Brinkley Anti-Aging

Dr Oz: Christie Brinkley Anti-Aging, Bone Broth & Hot Flashes

Supermodel Christie Brinkley is joining Dr Oz to share the secrets of anti-aging that have kept her looking stunning in her 60s. (Dirk Ercken / Shutterstock.com)


For more than four decades, Christie Brinkley has been a model gracing the cover of some of the world’s most popular magazines. How does she still have supermodel good looks as she nears what most of us think of as retirement age? Unlock the answers that could reveal her anti-aging secrets to you.

You can be sure you will pick up a few tips from her during the March 4 episode. Plus, Brinkley will share her perspective on the photo scandal involving her colleague, Cindy Crawford, as well as her thoughts about growing older through the years. That’s coming up on Wednesday.

Dr Oz: Reprogram Your Taste Buds

Dr Mike Dow is back on the show this week to help Dr Oz and you understand the science of taste buds. Can you really retrain them so that you desire foods that are good for you and your body? Find out how it works and what you need to do to get started. Tune in on March 4.


Dr Oz: Bone Broth for Fatigue

If you are feeling run down and just don’t have the energy to keep going, Dr Oz has the latest trend for you to try. It’s called Bone Broth and it is supposed to help you fight fatigue with everything you’ve got. But can it really work? Dr Oz is looking for answers.

Dr Oz: Hot Flashes for Years?

Bad news, ladies. Menopause may now last much longer than you expected. Research shows that women may experience Hot Flashes for up to 14 years. OB/GYN Dr Lauren Streicher is on hand to explain how to get through them on Wednesday.

Also in this hour, learn the benefits of Pilates. Dr Oz is brand new on March 4, 2015.


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