Dr Oz: Carb Lovers Diet & Hungry Girl Carb Cheats


Dr Oz: Carb Lovers Diet

In the ongoing war against weight, it’s often hard to stay the course. We all have our favorite foods and indulgences that can sometimes hold us back in our pursuits of a slimmer waistline or a lower number on the scale.

For some, the biggest weakness is carbohydrates. If you’re one of the people who knew right away you could never do the Atkins Diet, the next all new episode of The Doctor Oz Show could be for you. It’s often hard to completely eliminate something from your diet, and when it is something that you love and cherish, it can be even more difficult.


Dr Oz: Carb Diet

Dr Oz is sharing the carb diet, to show you how eating more carbs can actually help you lose weight faster.

You don’t want your diet to seem like a punishment, after all. That’s why carb lovers need to listen up. Dr Oz is going to tell us all how we can eat a week’s worth of carb heavy meals in order to lose weight. Does it sound too good to be true? Find out how he’s going to get it done on the May 9 2012 episode.

To your surprise, you could be losing weight even faster by focusing on boosting your carb intake. It’s always interesting how Dr Oz finds new ways to tackle the age old problems. Sometimes the answer is to do the opposite of what conventional wisdom suggests.


Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Carb Cheats

Really, the fight for health and fitness is a personal one, and by giving voice to such a wide variety of diets, workout plans, and health strategies, hopefully Dr Oz is highlighting ideas and methods that will resonate with a wide variety of people.

There’s no one magic solution, but there are probably enough different concepts and ideas out there that anyone could find something that fits their tastes and personality. The Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, is a great example of someone who knows the struggles of weight loss.

Coming up on the Wednesday May 9 2012 episode of Dr Oz, she’s sharing some of her newest carb cheat solutions to help you embrace the foods you love and still stick to your health goals. See how she does it, and you’ll have yet another option in the fight against fat.


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