Dr Oz: Why You Can’t Lose Weight + Decode Your Cravings


Dr Oz February 16 2015 Preview

Dr Oz is back with an all new episode on Monday February 16. He will explain possible reasons for why you can’t lose weight and what you can do to finally get the scale moving again. Then, Dr Oz will “crack the code on cravings” to help you understand why you think you want certain foods and what you can do to stop the cravings.

Dr Oz: Why You Can't Lose Weight + Decode Your Cravings

Dr Oz will share possible reasons for why you can’t lose weight and then will “crack the code” on your cravings. (beornbjorn / Shutterstock)


Dr Oz: Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Dr Oz is excited to share his “metabolism makeover” that will help explain what you need to eat when you can’t seem to get the scale to move. Many women struggle with the problem of “hitting a plateau” with their diet, so if you still have pounds to lose but they stopped melting off, Dr Oz will explore the reasons why. He will share tips that could get his viewers back on track, dropping pounds once again.

Dr Oz: Understand Your Cravings

Dr Oz will then invite health expert and author Alexandra Jamieson to his show to “crack the code on cravings.” Jamieson will come ready with her plan that can help you put an end to your cravings and gain control over your eating.

Whether you’re craving something salty, sweet, or simply something crunchy, there’s a reason for it and Dr Oz wants to find out what it is.


Dr Oz: Cheap Dry Skin Fixes + Medical Conditions From Texting

Dr Oz will then speak to all his viewers who suffer from dry skin, including me! he claims he has cheap, fast fixes for our dry skin, all for one dollar each! I’m a sucker for a good bargain, especially when it can work wonders for my skin. What’s better than a cheap, effective fix for a nagging problem?

Dr Oz will then reveal strange but very real medical conditions that could result from texting. Whether it’s neck pain or blurry vision, there’s no doubt that various conditions could result from spending large amounts of time staring at our phones.


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