Dr Oz: Busting Belly Fat Myths, Honey Healing & Reduce Cellulite


Dr Oz November 7 2013

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Dr Oz is Busting Belly Fat Myths on his next all new episode, airing Thursday, November 7 2013. Tune in for this show that could help you go from fat to flat. See how real women lost weight, some boasting over 100 pounds! Simple changes and commitment can add up to lasting success.


Dr Oz: Busting Belly Fat Myths

Dr Oz: Busting Belly Fat Myths, Honey Healing & Reduce Cellulite

Dr Oz is busting belly fat myths on the all new November 7 episode. Learn how to change your game and lose inches! Then, get three ways to reduce cellulite.

How much do we really know about belly fat? Science and medicine has taught us a lot, but how can we apply that knowledge to change our routines and habits so that we can look and feel our best?

This show is all about Busting Belly Fat Myths, and that means understanding the causes, cures and belly fat burners that are all in play in this equation. The reason you are fat may not be what you are thinking, and there are ways you can work with your body to make the changes that will lead to lasting, positive results.


If you have been battling belly fat this year, don’t miss this episode, because it could be the turnaround you have been hoping for after all. Get ready for this brand new show that gives you all the tools you have been searching for.

Dr Oz: Honey Healing Powers

Honey is a great ingredient in recipes and even health remedies. But have you ever thought about why it works so well in hot drinks or for colds? Dr Oz is going to share some of honey’s natural healing powers on his November 7 episode. This all new show will have you looking at honey in a new light, and you may be stocking up on it soon.

Dr Oz: 3 Ways to Reduce Cellulite

Most women have it, but no one likes to talk about it: Cellulite. Doctor Oz is also revealing three ways to reduce cellulite on his next new show. Find out how you can reduce the appearance and feel more confident with the tips and tricks from this segment.

Dr Oz’s Busting Belly Fat Myths show is brand new on Thursday, November 7, and fans will want to tune in!


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