Dr Oz: Body Type Diet: Weight Loss Solutions For Your Shape


Dr Oz: Body Type Diet

What’s your biggest problem body area? We all have our own personal metabolism and build, and when it comes to weight loss, you’ve probably started to notice how your body works: where it gains or loses weight first in your own battle of the bulge.

The thing about dieting is that because we’re all so different, there is no one tried and true method that is going to work for everyone, every time. That’s one reason there are so many different diets on the market, with new approaches rolling out constantly.


Dr Oz May 2 2012 Body Type Diet

Learn how to target your weight loss diet to your body type with Dr Oz.

Coming up on the Wednesday May 2 2012 episode of The Doctor Oz Show, he and his guests will reveal how you can target your weight loss to your body type by choosing the right diet to meet your personal nutrition and fitness needs.

Dr Oz: Weight Loss Solutions For Every Shape

Some of us have big butts, while others carry excess weight in our stomachs. There is no way to avoid the differences we all have when it comes to weight management, but we can learn to work with our bodies and help them achieve our goals in a healthy way.


By targeting your personal body type with a customized weight loss plan, you can still enjoy the foods you love without worrying about how much weight you’re gaining. On this upcoming all new show, Dr Oz and friends are even showing you how you can eat ice cream and lose weight if you are on the right diet for your body.

Dr Oz: Diet Weight Loss Success

There are no blanket solutions, and the success of any diet comes down to motivation and hard work. But if this is what you really want to do, you can help yourself achieve meaningful results by creating advantages to help you along the way.

Set your DVR now to find out firsthand about the diet plans that target your body’s problem areas or specific weight loss zones. If you can’t see the May 2 2012 episode, just check Recapo and find all the details you need to get started tackling your personal weight loss campaign.


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