Dr Oz: Biggest Health Traps Women Fall For & Commuting Health Effects


Dr Oz February 14 2014

Recapo update: Here are the segments from this show.

Most people would probably say they have busy lives and many responsibilities. Obviously, these are things that can affect health, but are we paying enough attention to them? Dr Oz is brand new on Friday, February 14, and he is exposing the Biggest Health Traps Women Fall For. But that’s not all. See what happens when he analyzes the health effects of your daily commute. It’s all topped off by a visit from The Chew’s Carla Hall.


Dr Oz: Biggest Health Traps Women Fall For

Dr Oz: Biggest Health Traps Women Fall For & Commuting Health Effects

Dr Oz is counting down some of the biggest Health Traps that are keeping you from pursuing your goals. Also on the Feb. 14 episode: dangers of commuting.

Dr Oz said that the biggest health traps women fall for can be grouped into three categories: stress, sleep, and diet. How are these factors influencing your life and health? If the effect is positive, keep doing what you’re doing. But if the effect is negative, it may be time to make some changes and take some advice from Dr Oz on Friday, February 14.

Get solutions that he is bringing to your rescue so that you no longer have to be concerned that your already-crammed life is taking an unmanageable toll on your health.


Dr Oz: Commuting Health Effects

Time after time, people cite commuting as a major quality of life concern. Dr Oz is taking us inside what happens to your body on the drive in to work or the ride home at night. See how he puts himself to the test and what he will make of the results. This is not quite an undercover experiment, but he is putting himself in the hot seat. We’ll see how he does this Friday.

Dr Oz: Carla Hall, Orange Foods & Asthma

The Chew’s Carla Hall is visiting the show, Dr Oz will school us on the benefits of orange foods, and you may learn something new about asthma when you watch this brand new hour with Dr Oz February 14. See what you can discover about your health and how to make positive changes right away after you see this informational show.


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