Dr Oz: Better Sleep + Body Confidence Tips & Safe Pet Weight


Dr Oz April 15 2015 Preview

On Wednesday, April 15, Dr Oz will explain how you can shut your brain off when it’s time to go to sleep and get a better night’s rest. Then, he’ll share how to improve your body confidence and accept your figure as it is, before explaining how to make sure your pet is at a healthy weight.

Dr Oz: Better Sleep + Body Confidence Tips & Safe Pet Weight

If you’re struggling to sleep at night, Dr Oz has the tips for you. Then, how to gain body confidence and make sure your pet is at a healthy weight. (Paul Hakimata Photography / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz: Tips For Better Sleep

Dr Oz help all those who are “wired and tired” and show them how they can finally get a good night’s rest. If you’re wide awake and it’s way past your bedtime, Dr Oz may just have the solution for you, to help you get the shut-eye you desperately need.

Dr Oz: Gain Body Confidence

Then, Dr Oz wants to focus on all those people who are desperately focusing on life at their goal weight, wanting to reveal “the dark side of skinny.” He wants everyone to know that all your problems won’t just disappear as soon as you reach the weight you’ve been aiming for, which is why it’s important to feel beautiful and confident in the body you have right now.

As a woman who just had a baby a year ago, you can bet I’ll be all ears during this segment. What would you do if you suddenly felt super confident in your own skin, even though you’re not at your perfect weight?


Dr Oz: Conquer Credit Card Debt

Dr Oz will then have a woman step into the Truth Tube to talk about credit card debt and how you can finally pay it all off. He’ll share how to conquer the stress of financial troubles and get back on your feet.

Dr Oz: Safe Weight For Your Pet

Finally, Dr Oz will welcome veterinarian Dr Marty Becker to his show to share the plan to get your pet to a safe and healthy weight to make sure they can live a happy, fulfilling life with your family.


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