Dr Oz: Bethenny Frankel How Skinny Is Too Skinny + Tasty Greens


Dr Oz May 12 2015 Preview

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On Tuesday, May 12, Dr Oz will talk to Bethenny Frankel about how skinny really is too skinny in terms of your health. Then, he’ll share secrets from America’s Test Kitchen to make your greens taste divine.


Dr Oz: Bethenny Frankel How Skinny Is Too Skinny + Tasty Greens

Dr Oz and Bethenny Frankel will determine how skinny is too skinny and then Dr Oz will share secrets to making your greens taste better. (s_buckley / Shutterstock)

Dr Oz: Bethenny Frankel + How Skinny Is Too Skinny?

Bethenny Frankel is a reality star, TV show host, author and entrepreneur, and from the outside it seems like there’s nothing she can’t do. She’s recently written a book called I Suck At Relationships, which is incredibly fitting given her recent divorce.

Her brand is called “Skinny Girl,” which is why it’s ironic that Dr Oz chose Bethenny to aid in his discussion about how skinny is too skinny for your health. Some are saying that Bethenny is appearing too thin lately, and whether she’s lost weight from her tough divorce or was simply caught in a bad light, Bethenny is ready to take on her critics, and all of the questions Dr Oz may throw at her.


So what do you think? How skinny is too skinny?

Dr Oz: Make Greens Taste Delicious

Then, Dr Oz will share some secret techniques from America’s Test Kitchen for making your leafy greens taste nothing like vegetables. While I highly doubt Dr Oz will approve of frying up some greens in bacon fat, I’m sure he’ll share some techniques that are almost as good as that! For me it’s just a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, and maybe some chili powder. How do you add flavor to your greens?

Dr Oz: Five Surprising Things Keeping You Fat

Dr Oz will also share what five surprising things could be keeping you fat. He’ll explain how you can reverse the effects of these surprise offenders and how to spot them in the first place. If you feel like it’s just been impossible to lose weight, this could be the segment where you finally get some answers!


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