Dr Oz: Benefits of Greek Coffee & Health Gadgets from the Drugstore


Recapo Update: This episode of Dr. Oz has aired. Click the links below to find out everything you need to know about Greek coffee and learn to perform CPR:

Dr Oz April 23 2013 Preview

Dr. Oz has a new product he wants everyone to start drinking and he is going to be explaining the health benefits of the product on his April 23 2013 episode, “Super-Powered Greek Coffee.” He is going to be discussing how this coffee is far better than American coffee and why drinking it could make you live longer.


Dr. Oz is also going over his favorite products from the drug store, why you need to buy them and the numerous benefits these products can have on your health.

Dr Oz: Benefits of Greek Coffee & Health Gadgets from the Drugstore

Dr Oz April 23 2013 is looking at a study suggesting Greek coffee can extend longevity, and he is looking at the best health gadgets at the drugstore.

Dr Oz: Health Benefits Of Greek Coffee

We all know Dr. Oz loves his Greek yogurt and now he has the best new product out of Greece that will make you live longer. Greek coffee is known to have great health benefits, like a lot of antioxidants, which Dr. Oz is going to highlight for everyone in the audience. He is also going to explain how drinking Greek coffee will make you love longer, how a new study has shown it to protect your heart from disease and how you can give your morning coffee an extra boost of energy.


How do you like Greek coffee? To strong? To weak? Would you drink it if you knew it would make you live a longer, healthier lifestyle? Let us know in the comments.

Dr Oz: Best Health Gadgets At the Drugstore

Some of the best health gadgets available are not just for doctors. Dr. Oz is looking at some of the best health gadgets you can find right at your local drugstore. One of them is so good, Dr. Oz said it could save your relationship.

Make sure to tune in to Dr. Oz April 23 2013 to find out which drugstore health gadgets you should be picking up this week. If you miss any of the information from the show, stop by Recapo tomorrow afternoon for a complete recap of the show.



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    Hi Corey,
    Would love to connect with you about The Dr. Oz Show today—-my husband is Chris Kilham, The Medicine Hunter (and I’m Greek-American!)

    We have coffee photos from expeditions and all sorts of fun content to share with you and the Oz fans. Please let me know you got this so we can explore ideas.


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