Dr Oz: Artificial Sugar Health Dangers & Green Drink Recipe


The Dr Oz Show September 27 2013

The Dr Oz Show September 27 is all new and ready to start your weekend right. This time, get ready to learn all you need to know about artificial sweeteners. Just how do these sweeteners affect your health? Are they actually dangerous? And what is the real difference between artificial and actual sugar? You’ll want to know this important health information, and these very disturbing new facts.

Dr Oz: Artificial Sugar Health Dangers & Green Drink Recipe

Dr Oz will feature information on the dangerous effects of artificial sweeteners on September 27.


Plus, tune in for one of Dr. Oz’s all-time favorite recipes. Here’s more on what’s happening with America’s favorite doctor on Friday, September 27. See you there for all the action!

Dr. Oz: Artificial Sweetener Dangers

If you enjoy sugar in your tea or coffee, you may use artificial sweeteners. They’re also found in diet sodas, drinks, and can be used for baking. But while they might seem like a miracle food—promising similar taste but none of the calories—these artificial sweeteners could actually be harming your health.

Dr. Oz is getting to the bottom of artificial sweeteners on September 27. He’ll explain why these sweeteners are so dangerous, and why your body isn’t fooled by their artificial taste. There are many risks associated with artificial sweeteners, so this is important health information you’ll want to know.


Dr Oz: Green Drink Recipe

Instead of sugary beverages, why not reach for a yummy, energy-boosting green drink? Dr. Oz will share one of his favorites, the Dr. Oz Green Drink Recipe. This high-fiber, low calorie breakfast drink is the perfect way to start your morning, the healthy way.

Dr Oz: Puffy Eyes Remedy

Finally, learn how to de-puff your eyes after a long, stressful day! If you’ve ever experienced bags under your eyes, learn Dr. Oz’s top tricks for kicking bags to the curb.


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